Sunday, October 13, 2013

I'm Just the Dreamer Type

On Monday night I went to a Ghost Town concert, VIP too, since it was totally affordable for a teen on a budget. ;) The whole concert was actually the Bryan Stars Tour, which featured four other bands (SayWeCanFly, Oh No Fiasco, Modern Day Escape, and Her Bright Skies), with Ghost Town headlining.

The next band was Oh No Fiasco. They were absolutely phenomenal! I bought a CD from them and got it signed! :) I also got a photo with them, but unfortunately, their singer wasn't there for it, but my friend and I did talk to her earlier in the night.

And here's my Ghost Town nails.

So this is my second Ghost Town manicure, which is based off the Ghost Town artwork by Alister Dippner. If you haven't seen my first one, you can see it here. My thumb is based off the Dreamer artwork, which is one of my favourite Ghost Town songs. The base is Frostbite from China Glaze, and the filigree and writing are acrylic paint. On my pointer finger, I painted a part of their album artwork (Their album is called Party in the Graveyard). The base is High Line Green from NYC and the design is acrylic. My middle finger is based off of the artwork for their song Tentacles, with a base of Let's Get Lost from Essence and the detail is acrylic. On my ring finger, the design is inspired by You're So Creepy. The base is Gypsy Queen by Misa and the filigree and writing is acrylic.

Alister drew me a unicorn on the back of my VIP pass. :)

This is Lindsey, the singer of Oh No Fiasco. She has an amazing voice! Here's my favourite song by them.

And here's Alix, during one of Ghost Town's acoustic songs. Here's one of my favourite Ghost Town songs.

Finally, here's a super close up of my nail, just to show in fact, I did paint these, as you can see paint strokes. :)

Hope you guys enjoy! Get ready for Halloween designs coming at you! Any requests for Halloween??


  1. Omg im fangirling and I wasnt even there haha! AMAZING job on the nails by the way! The index finger with the skull was my favorite!

  2. Thank you so much! :) It was amazing, and the skull was the one all the guys in the band really liked too!


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